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Transported in our two, beautiful late 1950s Mercedes Benz 220S we offer:

Wedding Car Events

Wedding Car in Palm Beach

Fully Arranged Romantic Picnics
( Set-up, Choice of Locations, Food, Beverages, & Transport )

Romantic Picnics

Special Transport for Anniversary Dates

Anniversary Dates

Active Since April 2022


weddings & events to date!

"Bertie", our superb, sky blue 1959 Mercedes Benz 220S Ponton

Bring On The Smiles

Extra Special Classic Car Events - Head turning Cars!

Wedding Transport

  • Fully authorised as a Booking Service Providor with NSW Point to Point Transport ( BSP 419370)
  • Prices quoted are all inclusive – nothing more to pay
  • “Bertie” and “Alfie” will only do one wedding/day – you will have their undivided attention!
  • Personalised service; special ‘on board’ snacks, soft drinks and supplies  covering anticipated pre-Wedding eventualities.
  • Uniformed, classicly styled  chauffeur. Choice of uniform!
  •  White ribbons, umbrellas, and other requirements of the day in place as a given.

Romantic Picnics

  • Transport to/from the picnic site in “Bertie” or “Alfie”
  • Choice of various picnic sites, or propose your own!
  •  Full set up of the picnic – bring nothing.
  • 3 hours allocated – time to relax and enjoy the event.
  • Full flexibility in menu items; eg vegetarian, gluten free or vegan as well as meat lovers!

Anniversary Transport

  • Transport to/from your chosen restaurant in “Bertie” or “Alfie”
  •  Option to choose a specific route for scenic/photo opportunities.

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