Following T&Cs apply in addition to those under our  Pricing Page

  1. Minimum age of all children carried in our vehicles is 7 years or older.  This is because OLDTIMER RIDES does not provide booster seats at this time. 
  2. It is noted 1 of our 2 cars (“Bertie”) has front seat belts only.  The other car (“Alfie”) has seat belts both front & rear
  3. No smoking is allowed within the vehicles.  
  4. Vehicles are regularly maintained by one of Sydney’s leading MERCEDES BENZ mechanics specialising in classic cars (CMR Marrickville).    However as these are classic car vehicles, 60+ years in age, OLDTIMER RIDES are not able to 100% guarantee an unexpected mechanical issue will never occur.   OLDTIMER RIDES will however assist to the full in seeking alternative arrangements at no additional cost (eg time permitting, locating an alternative wedding car company, or booking separate taxi/hire car services as available). 
  5. Similarly, given the age of the vehicles, OLDTIMER RIDES are not able to guarantee the vehicles will be able to access all steep roads and partly inaccessible pick-up locations within metropolitan Sydney.  It is assumed the booking party will work with OLDTIMER RIDES where necessary to allow the compromise of a convenient pick-up location. 
  6. OLDTIMER RIDES are focused on making the day as smooth and as stress free as possible, though cannot be held responsible for any events simply beyond our control, such as extreme weather events, severe traffic congestion, or sudden illness of the driver(s).
  7. The party making the booking undertakes any alcohol carried on to the vehicles and/or consumed during the transport leg(s) will only be done so by people of minimum 18 years age or older.
  8.  OLDTIMER RIDES maintains a Public Liability Insurance whenever passengers are being carried in one of our cars. However, any passenger boarding or leaving a vehicle does so at their own risk unless the driver is on hand to assist.
  9. It is assumed passengers will always behave appropriately when being transported, but should a driver take the view general behaviour levels have deteriorated to such an extent the safety of the trip has been compromised ( eg through excessive rowdiness) the driver is at liberty to either terminate or suspend the transport for all or some of the passengers involved.   No refunds will be made at these times.
  10.  Any deliberate or intended damage to one of our vehicles by a passenger will remain the responsibility of the party booking with OLDTIMER RIDES, and which will be invoiced back at cost. Additionally, if it is found a vehicle has to undergo additional cleaning (eg chemical cleaning of carpets or upholstery) due to the inappropriate actions or behaviour of a passenger, this will also be billed back at cost. 
  11. OLDTIMER RIDES will try and take reasonable care of any valuables left inside our vehicles but cannot take ultimate responsibility if these are then found to have been damaged or lost